Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bloggy giveaway goodness

Okay, ya'll check the almanac.  Two posts in one day from me is unheard of.  I'm lucky to get in two posts a quarter.  But I'm trying to be better.  Lisa, blogger and amazing jewelry artist at Keefer STYLE Creations is offering one lucky reader $20 to use toward a purchase at her Etsy shop.  She makes every piece by hand and they are all gorgeous.  While I want to be a winner, winner chicken dinner, I also want to spread the word about Lisa.  She uses the proceeds from her jewelry sales to fund her mission trips to Haiti (the next of which is taking place in August).

Now Lisa doesn't know me from Adam, so I'm not getting any kind of kick back or reward for this post.  Just trying to help a sister out.  So please, go enter the contest.  Read her blog.  Buy some pretties.  Pray for her and her trip.  Pray for Haiti.  A little can go an amazingly long way.
This is my fave...a sweet little Momma birdie with her eggs

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Nikki said...

Hey I saw you post on "Well isn't that nice's" blog and you weren't in the three that responded first but she got it from me that day because she replied to mine first. So if you'd like to be #2 come see me.

I'm a new blogger so i am always trying new crafty ideas and trying to share them.