Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Just another day at the asylum

First off, this picture really makes me laugh. I love the whole idea of taking those wholesome looking ads from the fifties and adding modern titles. I've seen some that cross the line and get pretty gross, but this one is right up my alley.

Being on the coast, we get weird weather. It's nothing to have a super cold snap, followed by 60 degree days followed by a Nor'easter followed by a super cold snap, and so on. Having lived here all of my life, I'm used to it. In fact, I'd have a hard time living somewhere with "normal" weather. However, I don't think I'd have a hard time living somewhere with a School Board that isn't afraid to send kids to school on rainy days. Seriously.

Last night we had snow. Big, mushy, heavy snow. It was falling fast and hard. It was also 37 degrees. It had also rained first. So, the snow was NOT sticking (except to windshields a little). This weather was brought via a quick moving Nor'easter. Quick. Blew through. Dropped some wicked wind, rain and snow, then moved on. No icy roads, no power outages. Nada. Not even any mad runs to the Walmarts to stock up on all those necessary provisions. But school was still cancelled today. Oy vey.

I was notified of this by a friendly, chirpy even, recorded message at 5:24am. WTH? I had to look out of my window because I was sure I must have slept through some other sneaky storm that managed to get past all of the Super Doppler, Mega Viiper, Jumbo Whatever radar that all of the local T.V. stations use to keep us up-to-date on when and where the next cumulonimbus cloud is going to form. All a saw was my swamp (formerly know as my backyard) and what I swore were some alligators checking out their next hot property.

Don't get me wrong. I lerb my kids. Adore them. Can't imagine what my life was like before them. However, today was supposed to be MY day. Hubster is on duty at the Fire Station. Wou-wou had lunch bunch and gymnastics after preschool-which means a 2pm pick up versus the normal noon time. And Puddin' Pie doesn't normally get picked up til 2:10. So, it was my day. I had a coupon from my favorite fat girl place, Lane Bryant , burning a hole in my pocket. I had plans for a Goodwill run. And maybe even lunch at one of my fave places ever, The Grey Goose (the "Jiggedy Jog" sandwich is to die for). But ohhhh nooo. Instead, I have had the joy of a snow day sans snow.

After packing them up and heading out for a Starbucks fix, we came home to the asylum. Let the pandemonium begin baby. I'm caffeined, mochaed and sugared up, ready to take on whatever the day brings. The bright side is, even if there is some other weather fluke tonight that cancels tomorrow, I'll be okay. Cause Big Daddy will get to be warden while Momma goes to play nurse. Who'd have ever thought work could be a happy diversion?

Happy Thursday Y'all, whatever your weather is!