Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Woo hoo! More snow!

First of all, I'm going to admit that I like snow. Really. Even though we only get it, like, once every five years or so. In fact, I used to love to ski way back when there wasn't so much of me to send careening down icy hills on two pieces of fiberglass. Then I married Big Daddy and his South Carolina raised self had NO interest in trying anything that even resembled a winter/snow based activity. If we were going to spend money on going somewhere, it sure wasn't going to be somewhere where we went out and got cold. On purpose. I finally gave my ski boots and poles (I never did invest in the skis) to the Goodwill a few years ago. Although I swear I am going to take my kids at least once before I die, just so they can give it a try. I am sure that I will probably break something, but that's one of the perks of being an O.R. nurse-I know which ortho surgeon to go to...laugh.

Anywho, it is snowing today. Again. After it rained (poured really) all night. And the wind is whipping with 40mph gusts. Our sky high, pencil thin pine trees look like they are NOT enjoying this latest weather change. Limbs are cracking and I'm expecting one to come through the roof anytime now. At least the kids are at school and I'll be smushed to pieces all by myself while listening to my I-pod. And the kids will never get to ski. Nothing like a sweet snowy day reverie to boost my SAD (seasonal affective disorder) self.

Seriously though, I am ready for Spring. For warm, dry days. For a yard that isn't eight inches of mud. Everywhere. For not having to give the dogs a bath everyday because of the afore mentioned mud. For not having the kids trapped in the house. Aie, ie, ie...

However, in all of this I MUST remain grateful. Grateful that we have a yard, mud and all. That we have a warm house to drive each other crazy in. That I have a pot of amazing zucchini soup on the stove. With so many people struggling and suffering right now, my snow blahs are so minor and silly. It is easy for me to forget the big picture sometime.

So, instead of whining and waiting for the trees to fall, I am going to stomp around in the snow and mud and be thankful for all this day has to offer. I hope your day will be full of good things too!