Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Happy New Year (and it's only 18 days late!)

Sweet mercy. Why did I even think about starting a blog? I've made all of five posts (maybe four, I didn't check before I started this one) and my most recent one was back in October. Good thing my word for 2009 was consistency. Laugh.

Today I had some time to check in on some of my fave blogs that I lurk around and I continue to be amazed by what y'all do out there in internet world. Blogging regularly. Posting pictures. Doing projects that you blog regularly about AND post pictures of. Sheesh. Makes me feel way inadequate. But I also L.O.V.E. it because I get so inspired from all that is out there. It gives me hope, that maybe, just maybe, I can repaint some of my sad old furniture or whip up something yummy (which I actually did do last week with the P.W.'s awesomeness that is Cauliflower Soup-click here and make up a pot http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/2009/01/cauliflower-soup/ ). Y'all even give me hope that I might find myself able to blog more than once a quarter. Ah hope...it springs eternal in the heart of this middle aged fat chick. (Is 42 middle aged? but I digress in parentheses)

Sooooo, we have entered a new year. A new decade. My fervent hope is that I learn to make the most of it. Every single second. My word for this year is "FOCUS". I want to be in the moment for each and every thing I do. Whether it is doing laundry, taking care of a patient, laughing at my kids or trying to stretch a budget that is already more stretched out than a ten year old pair of grandma's britches. ~I digress again, but typing that reminded me of a game my sister and I used to play where we would each go back and forth saying "grandma's britches". The rule was you couldn't laugh or even crack a smile. You had to do it with a totally straight and serious face. The even better part was that our grandma's britches were what my daddy used to call Spanish flags (no offense meant towards Spain or any of its what I'm sure are lovely flags). They were real big, knee length, white nylon loveliness that she hung on the clothesline WITHOUT shame. My Granny Ruby was awesome. Truly. Anywho, the first one of us who smiled or giggled while saying "grandma's britches" was the loser and would have to do some task or such for the winner. Considering the fact that I'm laughing like an idiot just typing this, you can rest assured that I was never, ever able to win at that game.

See now why my 2010 word is focus? I can't even stay on track during my writing. But I did for that minute focus on some pretty fun memories of my childhood and both my Granny and my Daddy who have been gone from world this for a terribly long time. So maybe I can find focus in this ADD/brain pinging/typing that I call blogging. We'll see. Thanks for reading along.