Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I'm on a blogging roll

Wow, it only took me over a month to write a new blog post. Talk about keeping things fresh and interesting. Although I do have a few good excuses I can throw out...like work, vacation to Myrtle Beach (fun and relaxing), school starting back, house stuff...however I guess the bottom line is that consistency is so not my strong suite. Ironically, that is the word/personal improvement goal that I picked for 2009-consistency. And I'm not talking about my texture either but my desire and wish to be organized, steady, the same today and next month. While I have improved my consistency in some areas (e.g. the bed is getting made pretty much every morning), in other areas I still continue to struggle (e.g. getting up at the same time every morning has just not happened).

This is the first time I've picked a "word" for the year and not made the dreaded New Year's Resolutions. I've found that this word is serving as a kind of mask or a costume for all of the resolutions that I would have diligently made January 1 and then diligently broken by January 5. But the idea of having one word versus a gazillion resolutions is to assauage the guilt that always accompanies the rapid dissolution of solemnly made resolutions. It has worked splendidly in that regard. Instead of being filled with self-loathing and composing whiny journal entries about why I just couldn't do it, I can remind myself, as many times a day as needed, to be consistent. An upside is that by having an actual word (and having it posted, in writing, in LOTS of conspicuous places), it has at least made me much more conscious of the things I need to be consistent about in my life.
I have to say that I'm glad to be a work in progress, even if the progress is in a way off-beat bunny hop style (you know-right foot, right foot, left foot, left, hop forward, hop backwards, then hop forward again, trip, fall backwards, struggle back up and try to get one more forward hop in before the right foot part starts again). Did any of y'all out there pick a word for 2009? How's it working for ya?
I know we have a few more months left but I'm already pondering on my 2010 word. I'm tentatively looking at "sleep". I could find great success with that one. Laugh!