Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ooooo it's a hot one

Okay, it's a sickness I know, but I L.O.V.E. hot weather. I also love typing out words with periods in between each letter. To my eye, it really makes the word I'm trying to emphasize just P.O.P. See what I mean? I also, in my stupidly nerdy way, think it looks cool and at almost 42, I am all about being cool. Anyhoo, as usual, I digress. Back to the topic at hand.

Today is hot. It's 99 degrees Farenheit and 100% humidity. The little Weather Channel icon thingy is flashing a dangerous yellow on my tool bar. It is warning us all, that guess what? It's hot outside. The heat index is like 200 degrees. Do I worry? Am I stocking up on Gatorade and pulling the shades down low? Ohhhh no, not moi. Instead I say to Mother Nature "Bring it on baby!" You would think that as one with extra internal insulation (a.k.a. fat, adipose tissue, lots of ju-dunka-dunk in my ba-donka-donk) I wouldn't be a fan of weather like this. But I am, I am, I am. Weather like this invigorates me. Makes me do things like wash my windows (which I just finished, all 12 of them-yeah, the shack is actually big enough to have 12, although I count the big picture window as three, even though they're right next to each other). And now that the windows are sparkling clean in the afternoon inferno warmth, I am tackling the kitchen cabinets. With the windows open. Ah, summer time bliss in the Tidewater area of Virginia. Luckily the screens are keeping the mosquitos out. Although our skeeters here usually just walk in through the front door. They're big like that. And like most unwanted guests, they don't call ahead of time and they don't bring a casserole. Bastitches.

Of course my cleaning frenzy has really motivated the family. Wou-wou is doing her little part by taking an extra long nap and Sexy Beast has taken Puddin' Pie and his friend to the movies. Although I am totally psyched broken up about not getting to see "G.I. Joe" and the fabulous toy marketing goodness that it has to offer, I have the fabulousness that is known as "No one in my way while I clean like an idiot". Oh nirvana in a nutshell. I am taking a short break to honor all this by committing it to the written word. That way, when it's a miserably cold February day, I can reread this and be transported to the sunshiney happiness that is today.

I'm off to finish the cabinets and then I am heading outside, sweet tea in hand, to lounge in the swing and tempt the skeeters with the summer love offering of my red blood cells. Oh yeah baby, summertime and the living is E.A.S.Y.

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Cherry's Jubilee said...

Well hidey ho too you! Thanks for stoppin by and saying hi. Love what you wrote in your profile. cherry