Monday, August 3, 2009

My first post (a.k.a. I am so not ready for this)

Okay, here I go. I've had this blog set up for a year and have never. ever. written a post. What can I say? That's how I roll. I'd much rather stalk, I mean read, what other people have written. I worry that what I have to say won't be funny enough, or interesting, or grammatically correct. I'm OCD like that. I've also got that terrible gene that makes me secretly want people to like me. It's bad enough dealing with it in the real world, but open myself up to that kind of stress on the internets? Oh lawd its enough to give me the vapors. But since I figure that I don't have anything else better to do on this hot as Hades Monday (like laundry, annual dusting, dog bathing, semi annual vacuuming), I might as well jump in feet first.

I don't plan on blogging about anything in particular. I don't have any amazing skills. I mean, I cook well, but not well enough to add to the great stuff already out there (Hello to my heroine, PW, for that). I don't have much money but that hasn't triggered any hidden thrifty talents of being able to turn Goodwill store cast-offs into awesomeness (Hello to Thrifty Decor Chick). Heck, I could make a blog out of just what I can't do, but that would only send me spiraling into a deep dark hole that a measly ten mg per day of Lexapro could never get my carcass out of. Instead, I plan on being like "Seinfeld" and blogging about nothing. Laugh. Seriously, I just plan on writing about my little corner of the world and what goes on in it.

If nothing else, it will be a great stress reliever for me, and maybe, just maybe, someone out there in internets will get a smile, or a laugh or a "Thank God I am not the only one who's husband/kids/mama/boss/fill-in-the-blank did that." Since I am embarrassingly transparent and don't mind showing my flaws, there should be a lot of those kinds of moments. I come from a line of women whose internal filters were broken, if not absent, so I tend to speak what's on my mind-good, bad or indifferent. I also pretty much write like I talk. Hence all of the grammatical flaws. Feel free to try and correct me. I'll thank you kindly then keep right on grammar flawing away. The one area which I will try to be good in though is spelling. I have a real problem with seeing misspelled words in print. It makes me crazy. I mean, hello...even I know how to use spell-check (but I will brag and say that I don't HAVE to use it because I was the sixth grade spelling bee champ at Armstrong Fundamental Elementary School thankyouverymuch.)

So, sit back. Grab a glass of sweet ice tea (the world's most perfect liquid) and read along with me. I hope y'all like me. I hope someone (anyone...please?) will leave a comment. I will try not to embarrass anyone but myself. Sound like a plan? Alrighty then. Fist bump and blog on baby!

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